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Forage Frolics provides simple and basic courses in the realms of foraging in order to stimulate your awareness upon wild foods, and how beneficial they can be in contributing a healthy addition to your diet. Join Richard in a relaxing stroll through nature; become one with your surroundings and re-learn the connection we once had with the wild.

Richard’s experience stems from childhood, wandering a nature reserve and learning hands on about his surroundings, supported by a father who held a great knowledge of British wildlife. This knowledge lay dormant until Richard reached adulthood and when he was set free upon the world, rather than pursuing his ‘ideas’ of business, he decided to find his roots in nature and work towards a life of self-sustainability balanced with the modern world.

In the past few years, he has re-wilded himself to the point that he no longer requires food from any store to survive. He lives off his own goats milk (supported by the forage in the nature reserve), as well as plenty of foraged greens to maintain a balanced and highly nutritious food source. Apart from the goats, which are to replace the calorie source from hunting meat in a once nomadic lifestyle, Richard is a living example that the healthiest food can be free, and all our nutritional needs can be met from nature itself!

Richard hopes to take you on an adventure of your mind and senses as you re-tune into long lost instincts and ancient genetic knowledge that roots itself in our natural surroundings. Booking sessions are flexible, and can be groups or private bookings either at the site of his nature reserve (preferred), or he can travel within relative distance to his local area. 

Richard started teaching foraging in 2015.

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