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Alison 'Tribal' Brierley



* Wild Woman * Professional Artist * Global Nomad * Intrepid Culinarian * * Roadkill Recycler * Urban & Wild Food Forager *

"It takes courage and a free spirit to toss aside the pressures of our culture, and embrace who we in our hearts".

Many aspects of my work explore the potent, deep feminine principle, beyond feminism and patriarchy. I gravitate toward the use of archetypal imagery, symbolism and metaphor. I love all aspects of self-expression through art of all descriptions, especially the squeamish and uncomfortable ones. My relationship with food could be considered 'sacred'. I participate fully in Nature's food chain and the global culinary experience.

I am a professional urban and wild food forager. I dislike waste and have a passion for creating, experimenting and recycling. Much of my work aspires to push the experiencer, including myself, to query personal preconceptions and socio-cultural taboos by creating something beautiful, delicious or compelling, often from something dead and/or socially repulsive. I work often with foraged paraphernalia and roadkill.

Immersing myself fully wherever I am in the World, I question and take responsibility for everything I do, what I create and where my food comes from. I try my best with the knowledge and level of awareness that I have to live as ethically and as peacefully as I can within this world.

I study Philosophy, Anthropology and Permaculture. I am nomadic and my home is on wheels. I practice 'simple living'.

In the words of J. Krishnamurti - "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

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