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I started Natures Pick in 2014 with my mate and now business partner. From our work in kitchens, hunting, spear fishing and so on we became more and more intrigued by our local surroundings, our native exotic and unique Australian native bushfoods, and also all the wild produce just sitting right on our rooster and unbeknown to most. I'd learned a lot from my grandparents and parents from a young age. I already had a bit of a back door in and as been a chef for over 11 years now I had picked up a bit of knowledge throughout out my time. My passion and curiosity grew deeper bringing me to extensively research more plants. Putting more to use in my home kitchen and then in restaurants I was working in. We started supplying first a small amount to a couple of Sydney's best restaurants. From there it took off with many chefs and restaurants wanting to get on board and use our wild sourced AUSTRALIAN produce! I opened up a restaurant as head chef and part owner in Potts Point, Sydney and put a lot more research and produce that I was finding to use. I source over 40% of the produce used in my restaurant today from the wild. A good 7 months down the track one of the restaurants I was supplying sent my details off to the sous chefs from Noma and set up a meeting with me. I was thrilled at the invite so showed up to a meeting with over 300 containers worth of wild Australian bounty to show Rene Redzepi and his chefs. He was amazed and keeping in close contact with him and his sous chefs, I was offered a job and was hired as the head forager for Noma Australia, Rene Redzepi's latest venture. From there I have struck out to running my business full time and supplying all the best restaurants in Sydney NSW and soon to be Qld and Victoria. I have also taken 2 farms now on board which grow unique wild Australian and exotic produce for restaurants and am in the process of planting more and more indigenous foods to be able to supply the huge demand. This allows the general public of Australia to be able to taste THEIR OWN native and wild produce which is so heavily unbeknown to them.

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